Town of Madison Board Response to city of Madison and Fitchburg Proposal of Early Final Detachment

The Town Board has appointed a work group, consisting of the Town’s department heads, to evaluate all issues related to possible early annexation of the Town.   The Town Board feels it is important to obtain input from various Town stakeholders, employees, taxpayers, residents and business owners.  There are also various contractual and other obligations that must be considered.  The group is to report back to the Town Board by January 16, 2017 with the outcome of the evaluation and possible recommendations.

2 thoughts on “Town of Madison Board Response to city of Madison and Fitchburg Proposal of Early Final Detachment

  1. Thank you for taking this issue seriously. As a young family who recently moved into the town, low tax rates allowed us to purchase a home early in our careers. We knew about the annexation and calculated that 6 years would be plenty of time to advance in our careers and comfortably afford the inevitably higher property taxes. If this goes through now, we will be in an uncomfortable position. I’m sure some homeowners may even need to sell their homes as a result of a burdensome increase in taxes. Please keep us in mind in your decision making process. Thank you.


  2. I agree with the response above. Not only citizens in their early careers but also in mid year careers (or who are transitioning careers as well as for senior citizens who may not be ready to leave their homes yet but who will not be able to stay in their homes if the annexation happens too early and they do not have enough money to pay the taxes. (Many had bought homes more than 10-15 years ago and their incomes are not sufficient to support a higher taxer rate.) Unless there was a way to grandfather-in all the current property holders of not having the taxes raised to the “city of Madison” standards…if this annexation goes into effect earlier than expected. It would be helpful if the Town could properly inform the town’s property holders of how much their taxes will indeed rise and/or how things will change once the annexation happens. I think having a town meeting in the various areas where the Town’s property lines are drawn would be really helpful..instead of expecting everyone to go to the Town Hall. The Town no longer does a newsletter but doesn’t have an electronic email either… how can the information be transmitted? in the garbage bags that are delivered quarterly?

    Please take into account that information needs be to be provided by the Town and the City with how the annexation will change everything including how much we are taxed. (Not only that but also Water bills are charged differently for Town residents vs. City residents, so everything will change and costs will invariably go up and up for Town residents.) This will leave a financial burden on many residents who simply can’t afford the changes. Renters may not see the issues but certainly property owners will pass their costs down to their renters who may also be forced to move if they aren’t expecting the substantial increase in rent. More information needs to be shared how this will affect everyone.


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