Early Detachment Information

April 28th Public Information Meeting for future City of Fitchburg residents

The Town of Madison is working closely withe the city of Fitchburg and city of Madison Transition Process as agreed to in the Intergovernmental Agreement signed in 2002.  The two cities have put together separate web pages to assist our residents with the transition.  They can be found below.

City of Madison, Town of Madison Attachment

City of Fitchburg, Town of Madison Attachment

In addition the first public information meeting is set for September 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm.  This meeting will be virtual and you need to register to attend.  Follow this link for the city of Madison media release and scroll to bottom for the registration link.

During our Listening Session held on September 27, 2016 our citizens requested an easy way to locate public records related to Fitchburg and city of Madison proposal to an early detachment.

This page will be updated to provide this information to our citizens, business owners and others who may be interested.  Please click on the links below for the documents you may be interested in reviewing.

Intergovernmental Agreement, November 8, 2002

Initial Proposal, dated August 11, 2016

Media story links can be found here