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Ridgewood Way is scheduled for repaving from the intersections of Cypress Way to Old Park Street.  The street will be milled on Tuesday, April 12th and then repaved on Thursday, April 14th, weather permitting.

The Town has trash bags available for purchase.  The cost for a roll of 25 bags is $5.50/roll.  The Town DOES require residents to use CLEAR bags.  However, you do not have to purchase our clear bags.

2022 Collection Schedule

For more information regarding Brush and Yard Waste Requirements, please see the Town Ordinance Here

Phase 1 Water Study


A copy of the Flood study can be found using the following address:

Permit to Excavate In Public Street

Application for Parade-Street Use Permit

Lake Forest Water Coop Info and FAQs

2018 Lake Forest Water Coop Consumer Confidence Report Data

2017 Lake Forest Water Coop Report

Lake Forest Water Coop 2016 Water Quality Report

The Town of Madison is a member of the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership (17 central Dane County municipalities, Dane County and UW–Madison), which submitted a storm water discharge permit to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Rather than applying for the permit individually, these municipal entities joined forces to save time, money and resources. Their web site,, has a plethora of information on how citizens’ daily activities can have a positive impact on Dane County’s water resources.


  • Containers shall have a lid and handles with a maximum capacity of 40 gal. or 40lbs.
  • Separate trash from recyclables. All solid waste shall be placed at the street or curbside by 7 AM on collection day.
  • Trash shall be placed in clear plastic bags only. Recyclable containers (cans, bottles, jars) shall be placed together in a separate clear plastic bag. Bags are delivered to residents quarterly. Extra bags are available at the Town Hall for a fee.
  • Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and junk mail may be bundled, placed in a paper bag or cardboard box.
  • Brush—Stack neatly with cut ends placed together along the street in the direction of travel. (No roots, max. 6” dia., 12’ long).
  • Leaves—Rake to the curb or put in bags (No Twist Ties). Do not rake leaves into the street or into drainage ditches.
  • Fresh grass clippings will not be collected! They should be mulched, composted, or taken to a public compost site.
  • Appliance / Large item collection fee: $25 for each appliance or large item (list available at Town Hall).
  • Tire collection fee: $3 per auto and light truck tire ($5 per tire on rim), $10 per medium truck tire, and $25 per tractor tire.
  • Used motor oil shall be taken to the Dane Co. Highway Garage at 2302 Fish Hatchery Road or any other public drop-off site.
  • Paint, paint-related products, pesticides, household cleaning products, solvents, aerosols and flammables shall be taken to the Dane County Cleansweep Facility located at 7102 U.S. Highway 12. Call 243-0368 for information. Closed Mondays.
  • The Public Works Dept. reserves the right to refuse collection of any solid waste if these guidelines are not followed.